drunk_n_in_love (drunk_n_in_love) wrote in alist_layouts,

I wont be posting regularly until
June 4.
everyone go join rbichallenge.
lets make a contest shall we?
the first person who gets 15 people to join
will get a fully coded layout from me.
it will include a header, fob, icon and any other details.
i will love you forever!
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Heya, I was wondering if you would have the time to make me a layout for my new account 'lushiieaciid'. Reason I am posting with my old journal is that I like how this one is set up as an example, I just want a new photo to the left side. But what I actually just want the photo to be, is a black background with that swirl and star effect I see so much around, I'd like it to be in shades of red white and grey. Do you understand what I mean? It would also be nice if in the photo it said 'Sarah' somewhere. I'd like it to be overall 'spiffed' up pretty much. I want to do away the the 'love me not' things and just stick with the normal links sayings. Unless you have any ideas? Same color scheme really. Thank you very much, hope to hear from you soon! My email is lushiieaciid@hotmail.com for you to contact me. I heard about you by looking up 'free layout' as an interest. Thanks again.