drunk_n_in_love (drunk_n_in_love) wrote in alist_layouts,

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Ok I understand that you closed the community... buttttt... I dont understand why Im not on the members list anymore?
did you even join? if you joined, you should be on it.
incase anyone sees this, i just thought you'd like to know that i'm using your "pro" abercrombie layout and i got a comment on my lj by sum1 with the username "keywee" and they said that they made the layout. just thought you'd wanna know.
wow. thats really wierd. i will talk to them for you. <3
hey love! i made a new layout community
and i was wondering if you want to be a maker there
im still looking for makers im hoping to get at least
4 or 5 so if your interested please let me know

oh and the community is fetiish_ but its still
under construction and not open yet.
oh sure that would be great. do you need me to help you out with anything?
ok awesome!!
as of right now i dont think so
but ill let you know when i do :)