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alist_layouts's Journal

wanna layout?
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This is a layout community with PRE-MADE layouts and graphics. This means no requesting unless a maker is taking requests. I'm drunk_n_in_love. The maintainer and maker of this community. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through my lj if you have any questions or through my aim/email angel4lyfe824@aol.com. Right now, this community has reopened so I am currently looking for new makers and mods. If you are interested, please email your mod application to me.

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ALWAYS CREDIT! This is a must! Unless the maker says there is no need to. Also, if there is a credit in your sidebar, don't remove it! You will be banned!

Dont be rude to makers. We are making you these things on our time. Be respectful and don't criticize our work. Because I'm sure its alot better than yours.

Do not direct link! Upload to your own server!

Comment if you are going to use anything. Feedback is welcome. Rude remarks aren't.

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The only Mod/Maker is currently myself. I deleted everyone else because this community was closed for a little while. But if you would like to become a mod/maker, please use the application and email it to me at angel4lyfe824@aol.com.

Maintainer and Maker - Emily / drunk_n_in_love
Email - angel4lyfe824@aol.com
AIM - angel4lyfe824