drunk_n_in_love (drunk_n_in_love) wrote in alist_layouts,

Ok I have decided that I am going to open up a new community where only I will post. I just made it. Its called drunken_layouts. So if anyone wants to join there go ahead. Under the cut are basically rules I have for over there. Please read them before joining so that you can understand because it has important information.

The only thing I am going to say under here is basically what kind of layouts I will make. I am only going to make layouts of people who I like. Which is mainly celebrities. I dont like making layouts requested by people because I never really like what people want. So just understand first that I will be making layouts of celebrities. Mainly actors, actresses, and singers. Maybe yellowcard or something like that.

Ok now that's been said, I am giving this community to someone. Just comment if you want it. Also, give me and example of layouts you make. Depending on how fast people comment is how fast I will give this community away. So if you want, comment with examples. Thanks <3
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June 6 2005, 22:54:46 UTC 11 years ago

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hey can i request a layout?